04/12 - Cosas

# 1 - I have been asked, recently, why I am not posting more frequently, like I did in the past.  I had to think about it for quite awhile as to why my postings have diminished over the last year, or so.  I finally came up with the answer and I think it is difficult to write about something a second time.  When I first posted about a parade, or the passion play in front of San Andres it was me sharing my "1st time view" with everyone.  If I were to write about it a second time I doubt it would come out the same.  That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it just as much, it just wouldn't come across the same.

I've also had a lot of things going so far this year and honestly have not had a lot of time. But I intend to get back into better habits.

I had the occasion to go up to Dallas for 20 days during the month of March.  I caught myself doing little mental comparisons about life in the States and my life in Mexico.  It was very interesting and I'll share a few observations.

I drive a whole lot slower than all the other traffic when I go somewhere.  Old guy scared of all the traffic?  Nope, I've just adopted the Mexican attitude of not being in a hurry.  I don't worry about being late, I don't rush, and I really like it.  Why was I always in a hurry when we lived up NOB?  What was the point?

The selection of products at the grocery stores is truly outrageous.  I find it amazing that you can go to a grocery and find that you have hundreds of choices available for nearly everything.  A ninety foot long aisle with shelving 6 ft tall (540 sq ft of facing) for just cereals, or just crackers, or just pet food.  Unreal, unnecessary and totally not missed.  Sure I will whine that I can't find a box of Cheezits, or when I do it is $ 9 USD instead of $ 2.  But I have to tell you that I find it amazing the number of offerings for any given product.  Just goes to show the amount of marketing NOB versus down here.
It'll happen here, I can see the creep, but it will be years.

I have been spoiled by year-round, beautiful, consistent weather
.  During the 20 days in Dallas during March the temperature went from the 30's to the 80's continually.  Two days of cold, a day of nice, a day of cold and rain, two days of hot.  Man, I was getting tired of changing from long pants & sweatshirt to my cargo shorts and t-shirts.  I know my weather is unique to living Lakeside, but you cannot beat the consistency of the weather and the ability to be outdoors and enjoying yourself on a beautiful sunny day with temps in the 70's & 80's consistently.  Yep, I am very spoiled and wouldn't have it any other way.

It's not beautiful.
  I did a lot of driving around the Dallas suburbs and I must say the area is not beautiful.  It's nice, don't get me wrong.  All the suburbs have wonderful, multi-lane thoroughfares, tree lined boulevards, strip malls on the corners, and miles of pretty brick homes.  But there was absolutely nothing worthy of a picture.  If I had to use one word to describe it the word would be "organized".   I love to take photos and I love the fact that wherever I go when I am lakeside there is always something of beauty worthy of a picture.  The ones on this blog are just me taking a walk along the Chapala malecon yesterday.  The mountains, the blue sky, the wildlife, the birds, the people, it's just something that is ever present Lakeside, that I couldn't find NOB

Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoy going NOB for a visit.  Getting to be with friends and family is wonderful.  I get my fill of fried chicken from Popeyes & the Colonel.  I get to go shopping and get some electronics that are hard to find down here.  It's nice and I enjoy it.

But, having been down here for nearly 5 years I am very happy to return to Lakeside and resume my perpetual vacation.  The weather is warm now, we're playing water volleyball 5 days a week, the snowbirds are heading back home so we've got the whole village to ourselves again.  Life is good.