03/10 - Extraño

What is going on with our beautiful weather?

We're a good 10 days into March.  This is supposed to be late Spring for us.  The temp is supposed to be ~ 60F at night and low 80's during the day.

And yet - yesterday's high was 62F and this morning the outdoor thermometer on my patio told me it was 39F.  

To me, that's cold and it's strange, but we are supposed to be back to normal within a couple days.

There were even white caps on el Lago

Tomorrow we should start returning to normal and everyone will be happy again. Especially those folks that are just down here visiting for a week or 2 and got an unexpected surprise with the rain and cold.

So far this year I have met with several folks that came down on exploratory visits, checking out the area to see if it might be someplace they want to retire.  One of the topics of conversation is always about the weather and whether it is always this beautiful, and of course it is most all the time.  

But for the last 48 hours we've had cold and rainy.  And last night one of my friends reminded me that last year in March we got nearly 5 inches of rain.

For those that might be thinking that the weather is changing down here, let me assure you, our weather / climate is one of the very best in the world.  And no matter where you choose to retire, you're going to have the exceptions and that's what we had the last couple days.  By the weekend it will be back up in the low 80's and pretty soon people will be complaining it's too hot.

As you can see from the picture to the right the primaveras are in full bloom, and the sunsets have been wonderful lately.

The snowbirds, the ones that fly down from Canada, with two legs, AND wings are still here.  We were over at the Chapala malecon the other day and you could see they were all over the place.  They only have about another month before they all start packing up and heading back.  

Oh, and the other ones without the wings are pretty much following the same schedule.

And then we'll have our two months of summer, and then we'll be back in the best part of the year, the 5th season.  The Rainy Season.

Another topic of conversation with our new friends, who are doing their research is what is there to do?.  Two of the couples are just now retiring and ending their work lifes, so they're trying to picture what they'll be doing with all their new found free time.

I can only respond by telling them that if they get bored down here, it's their own fault.  

The list of things that one can do down here is innumerable.  Photography, hiking, gardening, charity work, volleyball, pool, sun bathing, card games, you name and you can do it here.
I think they "get it" because everyone has mentioned that how easy it is to talk to the expats that are already here.  Whether it's just passing them on the street, or sitting in a restaurant and striking up a conversation with the folks at the next table every has said that they can't believe how friendly everyone is and how they were able to ask lots of questions and hear lots of different opinions.

Yep, pretty much the way it is.  I remember when I was doing my research and we made our exploratory visits, we couldn't get over how easy it was to talk to the folks that were already here.  

I usually get asked whether we're happy here and whether we made a good choice.  I can only reply that when faced with retirement I knew that I wanted some adventure in my remaining years and coming here has completely satisfied that desire.  Being down here and able to experience the Mexican culture is one of the best parts of retiring here.  It is so different and the pace is so much more relaxed.  What's not to love.

I figure about half of you (readers) are already here, so I'm not telling you anything new.  But for the other half, who are checking out the internet for any tidbit you can find about our little area, I can only say come on down and check it out.

The picture directly above was taken last year on Mar 2nd, the one to the left was taken the 29th of February this year.

As you can see we're in a lot better shape this year than we were last year, so that is a good way to start.  We'll see how we end up at the end of March because as I said earlier we got nearly 5 inches of rain last year, and I doubt if we'll see a repeat of that this year.

Life is good, make sure you go out and enjoy it.