02/06 - Gran Mujer

Back in 2010 at this time, I had just become aware of Lake Chapala and I was spending a significant amount of time doing research over the internet on every single thing that I could find on Ajijic, Lake Chapala and Lakeside.  

During one of my searches I ran across a blog written by a woman who had been down there for several years and the first entry that I read was amazingly witty and full of humor as well as worthwhile information.  So I decided to go to her starting blog entry and I read everything that she had written.

She was amazing.

She had me laughing out loud at many of her posts and since we were planning a trip down I told Kimmy that I was going to see if I could get hold of her by email as I really wanted to meet her.

Thankfully she responded to my email and she told me she would be happy to meet with us when we got down to the area and for me to just give her a call when we arrived and we'd get together for lunch, or a glass of wine.

When we got down here for our first visit I gave her a call and we set up a time for lunch.  Since we didn't have a car she came over and picked us up and we went down to Hotel Real and sat on the patio for lunch.

The first thing you noticed about her was her terrific smile.  She had blond hair, a pretty round face and a smile that went from ear-to-ear.  And the smile never stopped.  She was probably one of the most upbeat, funny, interesting people that I've had the pleasure of meeting and we spent 2 hours talking about everything and anything related to Ajijic and how much she loved it.

She said she was in real estate, loved to dance, had a husband she dearly loved and a dog, if memory serves me right.  She loved her life in Mexico and everything about it.

A couple days after we had lunch we got a call and it was her, she was going out to San Juan Cosala to look at a property that she was having remodeled and she thought that I might like to ride along and just see more of the area.  I was link, "yeah, sure. I'd love to.  Thanks so much for taking the time and thinking of me".  She just said it was no big deal and she thought i might like to see Racquet Club.

That was the last time we saw her during our initial scouting trips.

After we moved down in 2011, we had a bit of bad luck.  My wife broke her foot while on a visit to Chicago and she was pretty house-bound for a while.  (We're talking Oct 2011)   One of our friends suggested getting Kimmy out of the house and going over to Chapala to see this thing they were doing on Halloween.  She said that it was going to be some global event having to do with Michael Jackson and it ought to be fun.  So we rented a wheelchair and packed Kimmy up and went over to see what was going on.

Well that year it was held in front of the beer garden and Kimmy got into the front row and got to see the Zombies and that's when we found out that this same woman was the lead Zombie.  What a riot!!!   It was a hoot.

Since then I've seen several more Zombie presentations and each one was better than the prior.  

Over the years I've watched this wonderful woman with the greatest smile, be involved with dancing and exercise classes and zumba dancing all over Ajijic.  If you live in Ajijic you probably have been impacted by her in some respect over the years.

But I'm sorry to say, our beautiful smiling lady left us recently.  After fighting so hard she is gone.  

As they say Gone but Never Forgotten.  

And I am sure those words will ring true for everyone who's life she may have touched.  And that's a whole lot of people.

Goodbye sweet Elliot, I'm lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting you.  You made Ajijic and this world a better place, and those who were fortunate to have met you will miss that wonderful smile forever.

If you haven't ever read Elliot's blog, it is Here and the link takes you to her first posting.  They're great.