08/04 - Viaje

Julio came and went so fast I don't know where it went.  We had a broken sewage line at RA that had to be tended to, we both came down with bronchitis, but we managed to salvage the month with a short little trip with Lydia's tours to Guanajuato for a wine tour and a short trip to San Miguel de Allende.  It was only 3 days, but ended the month on a great note.
We had been told by many friends that Guanajuato was a place we had to see, and they were correct. It is a beautiful little puebla, full of life and very picturesque as it is nestle in a small valley with colorful houses scattered around the valley rim.  It's a college town and the night life is wonderful.  We were amazed at the number of people filling the streets on a Wednesday and Thursday night. Maybe it was because there was a full moon when we were there.

We stayed on the outskirts of town as it was hard for the bus to get down to centro.  But it was a fairly easy walk and taxis were plentiful and very inexpensive so getting around was easy.

The first day we got there the bus took us up to an overlook of the city where you could see the entire city sprawled across the narrow valley hillsides.  Probably one of the more scenic little pueblas that I have seen.  The overlook was right above Centro & they had a lift that could take you from the overlook to centro, but it was broke.

On the morning of our 2nd day we went on our wine tour.  The little winery was less than an hour away, Cuna de Tierra.  What a cute, little (those 2 words always go together) winery and they had the most knowledgeable guide, who spent over 2 hours explaining every step of the process.  After seeing the entire process we went into the tasting room and sampled a few of their specialty wines along with cheese and fruit.  The wine was very good and Paco did a superb job of informing and entertaining us throughout the entire visit to the winery.  A must see if you are in the area.

After the winery visit, we drove on over to San Miguel de Allende.  I have heard so much about it, both good and bad that I was very anxious to see it.  However, we were behind schedule and really didn't get to do much more than wander the square of a half hour and then go on a little trolley tour of the town.

I came away unimpressed, but admit that that could be because of the shortness of the visit and the fact that we were under some time pressure.  We're definitely going to go back and spend more time there.

We're going to go back with some friends and spend more time in late September.  The area is full of history and there are plenty of place we can go visit on day trips from Guanajuato.

One of the beauties of living in Mexico and being retired is that there are so many wonderful places to see and so much to do. We haven't taken too much advantage of those benefits yet, but we're going to be doing so over this coming year.

Here's a panorama of Guanajuato.

By the way, the rainy season is doing great with nearly a full year of rain in just the first 7 months.  That's good for the mountains and the lake.  I went down and grabbed a few pics of the lake and will show you the difference within the next couple days.

Link to all the pics of our Guanajuato trip - Here