12/31 - Feliz Año

Feliz Año Nuevo mi Amigos

As the dark grey sky started to lighten up and render shades of pink over Mt. Garcia, I thought to myself  'How lucky I am to be able to wake up each day and enjoy all this beauty'.  

I then thought how great the temperature was to allow me to sit out on the patio at 6am with just a sweatshirt and sweatpants on the last day of December and the last day of the year.

The effects of El Niño were visible as the stream of low-hanging clouds drifted across the lake SW to NE. Prompted me to think about 2016 and the article I had just read about the impact that was expected NOB during the upcoming year.  Not so good.  
Conversly, El Niño had been very good to us here at Lakeside this past year giving us record rainfall to help replenish our beautiful lake.

And then this beautiful blue bird (blue grossbeak I think) flew into the garden and I don't think I had ever seen him before. (you can't tell from the picture but the grey on him was really a beautiful blue). 

Although I had never seen him before, we are fortunate to have a whole lot of his beautiful cousins visit us daily.

I wonder what new things lay ahead in 2016.
Another chapter in Our Adventure in Chapala is coming to an end.  This will be our 5th New Year's Eve in Mexico and 2015 will go into the books as a pretty good year.

We got all settled in to our house and got it as comfy as our lifestyle.

We spent lots of time with friends and family this year and got to show some of them that be from NOB what it is like to live in Mexico.

 We got to see a little bit more of Mexico with our trips to Guanajuato and Puerto Vallarta.  The more we see the more we want to see.  I think Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato and possibly somewhere over in the Yucatan for 2016 sounds pretty good.   Like candy, give me a taste and all I want is more, more, more.

We've met a lot of new people this past year and there are a whole lot more to meet in 2016.  Some are just visitors, and some have come down, or are coming down to see how Lakeside works for them.

 Life is good, it's all about what you want to do and making sure you're doing what makes you happy.

With that I will close our 2015 by wishing all of you A Feliz Año Nuevo.  
May it be prosperous for you all and 

And may you be as happy as my 

little friend and soar like him