12/11 - PV Trip

Okay, I have to admit that I have been one of the most stupid people living at Lakeside.  In the nearly 5 years that we have lived here we finally made our 1st trip over to Puerto Vallarta and I have seen the error of my ways. 

What a gorgeous place!!!  And it's so close (5 - 6 hr drive).  I'm sorry we had not done it earlier, but regardless we will go back a whole lot more frequently in the future.  

Our good friends Tom & Linda invited Esther & Leo and Kim & I to join them at their timeshare for a week right after Thanksgiving. What a treat.  Their place is in the big Vidanta complex just on the border in Nueva Vallarta.  

Wow, what a place.  It's a huge complex with varying levels of timeshares, each having their own buildings, pools & restaurants. They are all adjoined so you can walk from one to the other and check them all out.

Restaurants on the beach, swim-up bars, dipping pools on the balcony, nightly entertainment, drink delivery poolside and more. It had it all.  Just exactly what the doctor ordered and we had a ball.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the top beach destinations in Mexico and is very popular with many of the expats living Lakeside.  We have many friends who go there during the week of Thanksgiving. They know Ajijic is going to be crazy with celebrating the feast of San Andres for 9 days, so they go there to get away from the noise.

There have been US news articles and State Department warnings about Puerto Vallarta, but based on all the comments I hear from all of my friends it is safe as long as you don't wander off into areas where you should not go.  And that's just about like traveling any place.

I can't speak to any of the places to visit in Puerto Vallarta (yet) as we stayed pretty much on the property and just enjoyed being waited on in the pools and having great meals at the restaurants.

We did go down to the marina in Puerto Vallarta to eat at a seafood restaurant that Esther & Leo have raved about.  I'm not a seafood lover, but I do like shrimp.  So, I got an order of garlic shrimp, half of them grilled and the other half deep fried.  All were smothered in a great garlic sauce. After the first 21 shrimp I had to say "uncle" and take the remaining 10 shrimp back to our room for Leo and Esther's lunch.  I think my plate was all of 149 pesos and that included 2 shots of tequila on the house.

We went tubing down the lazy river, which is a long, canal designed to wind throughout the grounds and you just meander along wherever it takes you in a big, plastic inner tube.  Great way to see the sights and just relax floating along.

The resort also had nightly entertainment where we could listen to the different bands and watch a sand painting demonstration.

I hadn't played in the ocean in about 2 years since we went to the great barrier reef in Australia. So I decided to go out and teach the rolling waves exactly who was boss and stand up to them.  Well, you may have guessed the result, I nearly lost my sunglasses twice and mother nature knocked my fat a** off my feet like I was nothing.  The first taste of the salt water brought back memories and I loved it.

So what's the moral of the story?  

Lakeside is a beautiful place to live, we have a beautiful year-round climate, a huge, gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains, a great cost of living, the 2nd largest city in Mexico 30 minutes away, and a world class beach destination that is just a few hour drive.

What more can you ask for?

Me?  Nada, me gusto much