10/24 - Uno Dia

Medical is always a big issue when considering Lakeside as a potential retirement location.  So I thought I would share some personal observations about what you can expect and what you need to do if you decide to live here.

Uno dia, one day, you will wake up in pain.  Every time you go to move your left arm, the pain is excrutiating.  Yesterday it was sore, but today the pain brings you to tears if you try to move your arm.
What do you do?  

NOB you'd probably go to an urgent aid clinic, the emergency room, or call your doctor to see if you can get in.

Here you've got similar choices, head over to Cruz Roja, go to one of the various clinics, or call your doctor to see if you can get in.

We were in our Doctor's office 1 & 1/2 hours after making the call. After a quick exam and we were sent to the clinic for x-rays.  One hour later we were back with the Doctor getting 2 shots and told that she would like an MRI of the shoulder.  Her assistant made the appointment at an imaging center in Guadalajara for next morning.

Pain started to diminish after the shots, so we got home and made arrangements for a driver to take us to Guadalajara the next morning.

Next morning, not so much pain, but sore.  Driver arrives on time and we drive up to the imaging center.  Very clean, modern center with professional staff and no need to have driver translate as they spoke enough English to do all that was needed.  

Two hours later we're on our way home with the results.

Next day we take results over to see the Doctor.  The doctor reviews the MRI results and says we need to see a Ortho specialist that comes in on Monday. Doctor advises us to get a sling and try to limit moving the arm until after seeing the specialist.

We see the specialist on Monday morning, he exams the arm, reviews the results and says he wants to see if he can treat it with anti-inflammatory drug and physical therapy.

Appointments for therapy are set up and we're on the road to recovery.

Elapsed time
Wednesday 1st Dr appointment
Thursday MRI
Friday review results with Doctor
Monday review results w Specialist
Tuesday begin therapy

Pain had subsided by afternoon of first day and anti-inflammatory meds started same day.


Dr visit w 2 shots  700p /$ 44 US
X-rays                  750p /$ 47 US
MRI                    4400p /$275 US
Driver                   540p /$ 34 US
Dr visit review       300p /$ 19 US
Specialist              600p /$ 38 US
Therapy session   400p /$ 25 US

Total out of pocket less than $ 500.  All with very professional doctors & nurses in professional settings.
Now admittedly this is a fairly minor medical issue, but I believe these are more common than the catastrophic issues.

What's the moral to the story?

Find a Doctor you like, at Lakeside, before you need them

Find a Driver you like before you need them, and have a backup

Quality care is readily available, it is professional and can be conducted in quality facilities.  As much as you wouldn't want to start searching the yellow pages when you have a problem NOB, don't wait till it happens always have a Doctor and a driver that you like and can trust.

Our feeling is that you can get excellent care, at a very reasonable price with someone you have confidence in, just as easily and at a lower cost than NOB.