10/11 - Cosas

Wow, Nearly a month since my last update and so many things have happened.  We made it thru Mexico's Independence Day with all the festivities, had another Blood Moon, Total Lunar eclipse, a flood in front of Riviera Alta, a new Mayor of Chapala has Been Elected, the lake continues to rise, but now we're inundated with Liria, and the snowbirds are about to return.  Sorry for lack of updates, hopefully better in the near future.
There's been a lot of discussion on the web boards, from some folks currently living in Equador, about Lakeside. What the area is all about and whether it is better than, or the same as being an expat in Equador.  There's been lots of good questions posed and a variety of opinions expressed on rent vs buy, where to live, gated vs non-gated, condition of the lake, access to medical, shopping, etc ..

I always enjoy reading the replies from the folks that are living here and seeing what they value as being important besides the great weather, the Mexican culture, the camaraderie of the expat community, access to Mexico's 2nd largest city, close proximity to an international airport, living on the largest lake in Mexico.

I can chime in with my opinion just like all the others, and I'm sure the responses to the questions help a little bit, but the only way to find out is to come and visit for a while and see if it works for you.

I think the folks, who were posting the questions on the web forums, are both planning trips in the very near future.

We've had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with a couple from Canada who are down visiting the area.  They were already familiar with Mexico, but hadn't spent any real time Lakeside until recently, and it's interesting to see what they think after being here for a couple months.

They're a little younger, like many recent visitors, and they're trying to figure out if Lakeside would serve them well in retirement. They've rented in a couple nice locations and they've gotten to know quite a few people and they are involved with a bunch of activities.  

So whether Lakeside will work for them or not, still remains to be seen, but they are going about it in the right way by coming down and spending some time and seeing what it is like to live here.

Okay, for our snowbird friends who are about to make their return trip down to Lakeside, you've been hearing all about what a great rainy season we had and how the lake is continuing to rise, and that the lake is all full of Liria.  Here are a few pictures of the lake taken over the last couple months, so you can see what it really looks like.  Personally I am very happy to see the lake getting back to higher levels, despite the Liria.  I figure the Liria will be gone in another 60 days or so.

End of July, water coming up

First part Aug, still inching up

End Sept almost to the seawall

Up to the seawall, covered in Liria

View from the opposite end of the malecon for same dates

Plenty of room for horseback riding along the beach

The horsepath is getting a little narrower, but still plenty of room

Path is gone, water almost at the seawall

The Liria is covering what used to be the beach.  Chapala was already working on removing some of the Liria at the Chapala malecon this past weekend.  

The water level hasn't been this high since 2011.