09/15 - Fiestas

September 16th is Dia de la Independencia, Mexican Independence Day.  Across the country many festivities are held and in Ajijic the festivities always start the weekend before the 16th.

The Regatta de Globos is one of Ajijic's best & most colorful annual events.  Teams, representing families, businesses, church groups and just neighborhoods spend weeks building tissue paper hot air balloons and the Globos is the day they are all launched.
 To the right is a picture of, in my opinion, the best of show balloon showing artistry, craftsmanship and the absolute beauty of the event.  The banner hanging below the balloon is ~ 20' wide and just as long.  

The entire village turns out and it was a beautiful afternoon with just enough clouds to keep the heat of the afternoon sun from baking everyone on the local soccer field.
As with all fiestas and festivals this is a huge family event.  Everywhere you looked you could see families and extended families enjoying the day.

There was plenty of tequila and cerveza available for the adults and cotton candy, balloons and spray cans of foam available for the abundance of kids & teens.  A huge party on the soccer field where you can walk amidst the teams launching their balloons.

The Globos usually starts around 3pm Mexican time, which is some time around 4 or so, but it doesn't matter.  The event goes on all afternoon and into the evening until all the balloons have been sent up, or it's too dark to see them.  We went down to the soccer field for a few hours and then went back to the casa and watched them from the patio until way after dusk. They are actually quite pretty at dusk as you can see the burning oil create a beautiful glowing orb floating along the skyline.

At noon on Sunday all the Charros gather at St. Andres cathedral for a special mass & blessing of the caballos y caballeros.  Then there's a parade of the Charros through the village and over to the Charro ring.  During the afternoon the charro ring is full of people watching the charros y charras display their skills and the skills of their beautiful horses.  Did you know horses can dance?  They can.

This little guy is having himself a ball riding in the parade.  Want to hazard a guess how old he is? I'm on for 2 and a half.

The charro festivities go on all afternoon and when they are done everyone heads on over to the plaza for the evening event which is the Parade of Shawls.The Parade of Shawls is where some of the matriarchs of the village get all dressed up and have a procession around the plaza gazebo. 
There's a lot of tradition going on, but I'm not well enough informed to explain it.  But the procession around the gazebo is first done by the matriarchs and then followed by the children and teen girls.  It's wonderful to see them all dressed up in their finery and watching the little ones, preciosas, smile and march so proudly in front of the entire village.  Really nice.

And all the while there are the mariachis playing and the singers singing.  It's a really nice time.

One day these niñas will be the matriarchs

And on of the main attractions was this singer.
You should have heard this little 8 yr. old do a Spanish version of My Way.
He was one of the hits of the show.

Here's the link to all the pictures - Globos, Charros y Rebozos

We came to experience the culture, and we love it.