07/07 - PBS Video

A few weeks back, my friend John Simmons, told me that he was going to be interviewed by a PBS film crew for a Newshour episode on the number of Americans that are moving to Mexico for independent-living, assisted-living and long-term care.  He said that the film crew was coming to Abbeyfield, one of our independent-living facilities, to interview him and some of the other people who live there.  

Well, last night the episode aired and it was a very nice piece about the options that retirees have to live out the rest of their lives here at Lakeside.  David Truly, a member of the local Tall Boys Band and PHD  consultant on retiree movement trends / patterns in Mexico, speaks about the area and some of his findings.

It truly is a great little video that illustrates that their are options available for retirees to have a quality life, with quality care at a cost that is considerably less  than what they are facing in the US.  It gives a fairly balanced explanation of what has been going on here at Lakeside, and some of the plans for the area as the population of people looking for alternatives increases.

For the past 4 years I've walked many miles along the Ajijic malecon.  Abbeyfield is just across the malecon parking lot and I knew it was an independent living facility, but I never had an opportunity to see what it was like until I met John Simmons.  He is a longtime friend of a prior work associate and I met him thru some postings on FB.  When I first met John he gave me a little tour of the facility and it was nice.

John had spent several years living in Puerto Vallarta and moved here several months ago.  When we met he had been here for a couple months and he said that he really loved living at Abbeyfield.  He showed me his nice little apartment, the gardens, the common areas residents use like the kitchen, TV room, and wonderful patio with a great view of the lake and the malecon.

Needless to say, it's a great place and as the PBS show states it is one of many currently and I am sure there will be even more.

As I've often said, and truly believe, Lakeside isn't for everyone, but it can be a great place to retire and live out our remaining years in a quality lifestyle at an affordable cost.

Our condominio is fairly empty during the summer months as all the snowbirds returned to their homes back NOB.  So while they are gone the rest of us take advantage of having the run of the place and a week ago we had a nice salmon bake dinner.  One of our homeowners, Wayne & Sharon, bought a bunch of salmon and cooked it for everyone else.  All who attended brought a potluck dish and we all enjoyed a nice salmon and potluck dinner.  It was very nice, we split the cost of the salmon and it was a whole 60 pesos.

I spotted the cupelo ceiling maestro the other day working at a house that is being built right below our house.  I'm sure he is in high demand, he is so good at what he does.

We're just getting started on the rainy season and it looks like it could be a good season and very good for the lake.  We've gotten over 24" year-to-date so far, and if we just get the 7 year average for the balance of the year we could end at ove 40".  That would be great for the lake.

Disfruta su dia