06/26 - 4 years

Four Year, 1460 days, and our adventure continues.  

My good friend, Facebook, sent me a reminder picture that I had posted to FB 4 years ago today.  I remembered back to when I took the photo from the backyard on the very first morning after we arrived in our 1st rental home.  It was a beautiful morning and the clouds hugged the mountains.
The lake was a bit fuller back then and everything I saw was exciting, colorful, sunny and new.

Today when I wake up and look around it is just as exciting, just as colorful, still sunny and still new.

When I look back at our decision to move to Mexico I think of how I thought it would be and now compare to what I have actually experienced and I know we made the right decision.  And I wouldn't trade the 4 years for anything else.

We've made so many wonderful friends and have a larger social life than any other time in our lives.  Some we see more frequently than others, but the camaraderie we have with like-minded people who have but one interest in life "to enjoy life and be happy" is something I will take with me long into the future.

I've met a large group of people who have had wonderful and adventurous lives and experiences.  It is a pleasure to share a glass of wine, a meal, a laugh.
We've had the opportunity to live our lives in a different culture and experience life in a completely different manner.  Sometimes it's been good and sometimes not so good, but experiencing a way of life that you are unaccustomed to is a rewarding experience if you just go with it.  Regardless of the violence, which is great fodder for the NOB media, the day-to-day Mexican culture is more about big smiles, beautiful colors, strong aromas and music.
As my brother, and my son-in-law both separately commented on their recent first-visits to Ajijic, "I get it now".  They both had only a few short days to share with us, but they both now know why we live where we do, and they both understand why we're happy, and are happy for us. 

When I wake in the morning and look out over the lake, or up into the mountains and see the beauty that we are surrounded with, I say to myself that I am a very lucky man to have had the opportunity to live here.

I've been told that men normally adjust quite quickly and women take a longer time to develop a new comfort zone.  I'd rank my happiness at 9.5 on a scale of 10 and I've watched over the past 4 years as my wife has risen from a 6 or 7 up to a good solid 8+.  It's taken a while, but we just kept trying to find the things that were making her unhappy and changing those that we could.  The biggest being getting her a house that she can call her own and make it hers.

I have no idea what the future holds, but I know I will never have any regrets about the decision we made to try living in Mexico.  We took a small risk of trying it and we could have always moved back if it didn't work out.  

But here I sit, 4 years later with 4 years worth of experiences that I will never regret and 4 years of memories that I will never forget.

For those friends that are here, you know what I mean and hopefully life is as good for you as it has been for us.  

For those that haven't made it yet, I encourage you to take a small risk and at a minimum come down and visit.  If you're as lucky as we have been, maybe you'll start your own adventure.