About Our Blog

Welcome to Our Adventure In Chapala Blog

This blog tells Our Story, from the time we arrived at Lakeside up to the present.  We're working on our 5th year here at Lakeside and our blog recounts our personal experiences as we have adjusted to being expats in a foreign country.  

We came down on two visitation trips, 2010, before we moved here and during the past 4+ years we've rented in a couple different locations and finally bought a house.  Our blog is personal and details the fun, and not so fun times of our adventure.  

If this is your first visit to the site, you will find the navigation bar in the left column.  If you want to read about our beginning experiences go to 2011- 2012 Year 1 as it starts out when we first arrived.  Our most current experiences will be under Year 5.

In addition to my postings, I have included links to 

  • A couple of web forums that I personally used doing my own research about Lakeside, 
  • Ajijic News which provides a great calendar of what's happening Lakeside, 
  • The local lake Chapala weather site, 
  • Links to my Picasa web albums of events and adventures we've had since we arrive, 
  • Some YouTube videos that I made about the area, 
  • And a few others I think you will find interesting.  

I continue to add additional links as I stumble across them.

Comments are not available on this site, but if you have a question or comment, please email me at adventureinchapala@gmail.com  I will respond.