Fundraising is an important part of helping our students, teachers, and the music programs in the Oregon School District.

**Important Note: You no longer need the stickers on Bill's Receipts to turn in for donation.  Collect all your Bill's Receipts and have your student turn them in to their Orchestra teacher to help raise funds for our Oregon Orchestra Programs!

Funds raised by the Friends of the Orchestra are used for the following:
  • Payment for the buses to the Madison Symphony for elementary and RCI students
  • Payment for the buses to the Milwaukee Symphony for middle school
  • Visiting artists
  • Senior scholarships
  • Music clinics and summer music camp scholarships
  • Support for high school orchestra trips
  • Ice cream treats after spring concerts for elementary, RCI and middle school
  • Senior recognition plaques
  • Flowers for concerts
  • Other projects are funded when money is available
Please keep an eye on the home page and fundraising page for ways that you can help support these programs.