Want to request a closer look at errors in your credit report? Click here and use this form to request a credit reporting agency to reinvestigate disputed items in your credit files. You can then attempt to remove errors and modify disputed information that cannot be verified, and include favorable information.
Clean Up Your Credit Report - The Credit Pros offers a unique client billing method – clients pay for deleted credit items, and they pay AFTER the items have been deleted!
The Credit Pros Intl offers Legal, Effective, and Affordable credit repair and education to clients in the United States. Use Your Rights! Fix Your Credit!

One of the key features of this product is that in order to be eligible to borrow, customers must agree to give us read-only access to their current bank account transactions for the past 90 days. This is used to monitor their bank account balance so we can: Carry out an affordability assessment at both the point of application and on an ongoing basis to determine suitability for credit and ensure it remains affordable.

By using this additional data it allows us to service customers that many other lenders can’t as we look at customers differently, using more than just traditional credit scoring to make our decision. This give us great acceptance levels. Our product is appealing to customers because: We offer a one-time application line of credit and therefore reassurance to the customers that they have money when they need it.
We can make automatic (when enabled) deposits (Credit Instalments) into customer bank accounts of an agreed sum, up to their credit limit, when the balance reaches a certain level (the SafteyNetCredit Level).