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Adlandpro's Traffic Exchange Program is designed to bring traffic to advertisers sites by the truckload. As you and the people whom you refer to Adlandpro start surfing the traffic exchange, you will all earn credits towards displays of your ad on the traffic exchange program. This loop-based earning program will drive traffic to advertisers sites because there are about 130,000 active users who surf our traffic exchange

Totally Free to Join! - Massive amounts of real, live traffic absolutely FREE! 

Aggressive Anti-Cheat Mechanism - Auto-Surfers, Spiders, and Robots can simulate clicks on your ads and rapidly deplete your credits. Our security technology allows us to detect and eliminate such cheats to ensure each hit is a genuine human click and not an automated one. 

No Software Required. The Traffic Exchange program is run completely from our end and is all controlled by you using your internet browser over the web. No software to purchase or install. 

INSTANT Exposure - The moment your ad is submitted, our Traffic Exchange System begins deploying it to our user network of over 130,000 sites. This means your ad could potentially reach a whopping 130,000 desktops all over the world! 

Simple to Use - You need only select the type of display you want, copy the code into your website, write or select your ad, and you're done. Our traffic exchange doesn't waste your time so you have more time to do things you enjoy. Let US worry about your traffic! 

Save Money on Bandwidth - We don't display your actual web site until such time as a user clicks on your ad which saves you dollars on wasted site displays to users who may not be interested or may not have even seen your site. This means more money in your pocket and not wasted on "tire-kickers" who will never buy anything from you. 

Visitors Are Voluntary and Targeted. - Because visits are by choice and not forced, you receive more targeted traffic. We do not use or allow simulated click technology to deliver traffic to your website. All of our users get to your site the same way; with their finger and a mouse. 

130,000 Active User Network. Your ads are instantly exposed to this enormous network in several countries and all over the U.S. and Canada. Just imagine how far your ad could travel.

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