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A Getting Started and Marketing Strategies Guide for your Branded Classifieds

Congratulations, you have your own business! It is always a great feeling to start something new and with OOCorp AdVantage Branded Classifieds most of the set up work has been done for you. You still have some work to do, because with any business you still have to do the sales and marketing to make your business a continuing success.
In order to help you with that success, we have put together some useful guidelines and marketing ideas that will help you accomplish your goals. An outline of what you need to know is like your business plan and this should include:
  1. Advertising and Marketing
  2. Promoting and Selling your site
  3. Strategies
  4. Revenue Potential
  5. Income Levels
  6. Customer Support and Orders
Let’s get started!
We are here to help! I am sure you anxious to begin and that is why we have set up a "Getting Started Guide" that should answer some of the more commonly asked questions.
DID YOU KNOW? If you have your own domain, all you have to do is point your classifieds page to our IP, within your registrar's domain settings. Or you can simply park your classifieds site as a subdomain of our site, where there is no cost to you at all; you can always convert it to your own domain later if you decide to go this way.

How do I get started?

Tell the world! The most important thing you need to do is let people know you have a classifieds site where they can place free and premium ads!
This is marketing your Classified Site!
On the Internet, you can place ads for your site on other websites, and drive traffic to your brand that way. Physically posting it anywhere you can offline is another way to drive traffic to your site!
If you have your own customer base, an email list or any social networks that you belong to, you will want to send them an email or message advising them that you have just opened your classifieds and that they are welcome to advertise for free! Announce it as a Grand Opening; people love to check out something new!
Post locally in your community! Community bulletin boards in your area, free local print and networking by word of mouth to people in your community about your classifieds is a great way to generate traffic to your site.
Contact local businesses, community centers or any clubs or associations with the offer of free or premium ad services to post the happenings or specials in your area. There are plenty of markets in your area; here are just a few ideas:
  • School campuses such as universities and colleges tend to be high traffic.
  • Churches.
  • Theatre and drama clubs are always in need of free and low cost advertising.
  • Local fairs, festivals and other events.
  • Offer businesses seasonal and holiday specials.
  • Charities and other goodwill groups will benefit from free or low cost advertising.
Your goal here is to generate traffic! Traffic brings viewers and potential customers! Free advertising will entice them to place ads, results will convince them to purchase higher profile ads.
TIPS: Remember it will only take 3 to 4 sales in a month to start realizing a profit. It is easy to attain your sales goals each month when you only have to reach this as a minimum and much more attractive knowing anything after this is income generated for you!

Free Ads

The benefit of offering free ads to your customer is of course they can do their advertising for free, however the benefit to you is twofold.
First you are creating a long list of potential paying customers that may upgrade to the paid services you are offering for higher exposure. Secondly you are creating a list of contacts that have signed up for free ads and with that you now have the ability to contact these customers.
With this list you can send out special offers, let them know of any services you are offering and follow up just so you stay in touch. This is the basis of getting repeat customers who will buy when you make them aware of what you are offering.

Marketing my Classifieds Site

Look locally! Who in your area would benefit from advertising on your site? Hotels and travelers points of interest, community events or local retail stores are just a few who need to advertise and you are offering a service that is low cost and can be seen locally as well as Internationally.
Finding these advertisers can be done by calling, email or in person. Remember you are marketing your business and any connections you can network through can bring results for both advertisers and viewers to your classifieds.
Businesses, organizations, schools etc…that have posted ads for you will probably list you as a site where they are posting information which is also advertising your site for you.
TIPS: Any business really would be all over free advertising, and if they see results they may be more inclined to convert.

What types of marketing strategies you can use?

Marketing strategies are important to build a client and viewer base. What you offer and present to them will be important in building that base. Make your offers through email, telephone or in person here are some suggestions:
  • If you have your own products or services that you are selling you can offer an incentive by giving your customers that purchase from you a free week or two of premium advertising on your site.
  • Offer new customers a free week to try the premium service as any type of free offer will attract attention.
  • Make sure your customers know what your price structure and market exposure is. This is attractive for many advertisers who are looking to get into online ads as they are replacing the use of printed ads.
  • Remember, with the power of Pressmania behind you, your ads reach both your community and the whole world at the same time. Use this to knowledge to address your customers’ concerns.
  • Every business has to advertise in order to survive; finding these businesses locally in your area is really where your market is located and is what you have the easiest access to.
  • Always be promoting your classified site! The more offers you are making to your customer base and list; the more likely some will take you up on the offer or promotion.
  • Seasonal discounts, first time offers, two for one deals these types of promotions always attract interest and at the very least will bring traffic to your site!
Remember every customer that posts a free ad on your classifieds site is adding to your contact/marketing list. These are your best potential future buying customers as they are familiar with you and have used the service.
QUESTION: Do I need to draw enormous amounts of traffic to my new classifieds site?
ANSWER: You would want to bring targeted traffic rather than bulk traffic. Simply by targeting people or businesses that need this kind of service.

Integrate with Google

Google Analytics is another fantastic Google product, which allows you to easily track traffic to your site. They provide statistics, numerous data, reports, and a means to examine the effectiveness of a given campaign. Any serious business needs to know what's going on their website, and this is a great way to do it.
Both of these fine Google products are free, so there's no reason not to subscribe to them. What's more, you can seamlessly integrate both of them with your brand, so that brand visitors will see your Google ads, and be tracked by your Analytics account.
TIPS: You would be surprised how many people will look into a free classified ads site if they know it’s available.

How long does it take to start making money?

The most important question to ask whenever you are making an investment and this is answered by another question. How long does it take any new online business to start generating income?
The answer to that is: as quickly as you start to drive traffic to your classified site!
In this case the marketing of your site will ultimately determine the time frame of generating revenue. Remember there is always a need for advertising, there is always something being sold or offered whether it’s services, products, giveaways etc... Your target is to look for those who can benefit from advertising on your classifieds.
QUESTION: Is it possible to fast track and begin earning income in less than 60 days time?
ANSWER: Absolutely! Because you only need three to four sales a month to break even, the income potential is easier to reach. There are already some members who achieved this in the first month of their membership!
Marketing your classifieds is what will provide your customer base and ultimately generate your revenue. Remember free visitors are valuable; if they see results on free ads, they may convert, and on top of that they drive views to existing ads.
TIPS: All paid ad services are recurring and as most customers will run an ad for at least a few weeks to see what the results are it will only take one or two customers for you to start seeing the income revenue generated from the profit level you have selected.

Which one of the levels have you chosen?

What’s great is whichever level you have chosen, you only need a minimal amount of sales each month to start generating income!
Your branded classifieds website is a business opportunity that not only allows you to break even in the first month, but to start producing profit too!
If you sell 4 Premium Ads at any level you will recoup what your monthly cost was regardless of the level chosen. At this point you are now eligible to start profiting at your income level.
The 100% Income Level will give you the greatest amount of return. If it only takes a few ads to start generating revenue for yourself and if you are committed to your marketing and earning serious income then you should be at the 100% level for your best return on your investment!
A very important point is that purchased ads are a recurring charge every week until cancelled. One customer purchasing a Top Highlighted ad for one month can cover your initial investment! (Since they'll be billed four times for the month) You have now your money back and it is strictly profit for you after that.

100% Income

The 100% level is the best value for the money in the sense that you have the highest income potential and you are dedicated to the sales and marketing aspects on the Pressmania Branded Classifieds.
From a sales and marketing point of view you set the pricing and collect 100% of what you sell.
The advantage to this is you will start seeing 100% profit after only a few ads are sold.
This is an ideal level if are committed to power market by driving high traffic to your website and generate maximum earnings on ad sales and at 100% this is greatest income potential!

70% Income

This level is best suited to users who have several online projects, and don't have the time to devote themselves fully to a new site, but who still want great earning potential.
The selling margin is low, as you only need a small amount of sales to start generating revenue.
This option will earn you 70% of all premium ad sales revenue. Although you do not have the same flexibility in low balling your ad prices as you would at the 100% level, you can still realize a very good profit through your sales/costs margin.
TIPS: Knowing your market and offering them the opportunity to advertise for free will eventually turn some into paying customers.

50% Income

It won't break the bank, but still gives you tremendous earnings at 50% of all premium ad sales.
Attaining a minimal amount of monthly sales will allow you to earn 50% of the revenue for a small monthly investment.
This level is ideal for beginners. It's a great way to test the waters at negligible risk and with 50% of the sales your return on investment should be an easy goal to reach each month until your ready for the next level.
As this is a learning level and your risk is low it will allow you to develop and understand what your market and cost should be. In short time you will know what your market demands are and this will give you the opportunity to move up to a higher level based on what you have learned.

No Merchant Account for Sales Required

Your customers will be able to pay with their credit or debit cards or through PayPal. We have taken care of this for you so it is less for you to worry about. One of the biggest hurdles to taking money on the internet - serious money - is the need for a merchant account. Usually, it is expensive and complicated to set one up, and while necessary, it's a diversion from making your business grow.
It integrates seamlessly with your existing Adlandpro affiliate account. All your premium ad sales are easily paid out through the affiliate program.
QUESTION: Should I worry about a saturated market with others offering the same site and ad choices?
ANSWER: Our system has only been in operation for a few months, so there is no saturation. Additionally, there are numerous ways for you to customize your branded site: a selection of color themes, adding your logo, tied to your own domain, and so on. This is in addition to controlling the price for premium ads. We are always working on expanding your customization options, helping you make your site unique!

Customer and Classified Support

Free customer support provided by Pressmania staff is included, so that you don’t have to. Any technical questions that need to be taken care of will be handled by the good hands of Pressmania Customer Support.
You have no worries as we will resolve any issues as quickly and professionally as possible with your customers because you are our customer.
If you have questions regarding the marketing or details of your Branded Classified site, please contact us as we would be more than happy to assist and advise you to all available options you have.

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