Perennial Spirituality

The model of perennial spirituality that I use was by a woman named Deb Platt, who seems to have disappeared.  I have slightly adapted it in the light of Ken Wilber and my own worldview.  Here it is;

Perennial spirituality is the same as mysticism.  Mysticism is simply the experience you have when you forget self sufficiently to allow your true Self to inspire.

Mysticism is concerned with the nature of reality, the individual's struggle to attain a clear vision of reality, and the transformation of consciousness that accompanies such vision.

Either way, you'll be seeing the same quotations. It's just a question of whether you want to focus on a specific topic or on a specific mystic.

There's a reality beyond the material world:
Which is uncreated.
It pervades everything,
but remains beyond the reach
of human knowledge and understanding.

You approach that reality by:
Distinguishing ego from true self
Understanding the nature of desire
Becoming unattached
Forgetting about preferences
Not working for personal gain
Letting go of thoughts
Redirecting your attention
Being devoted
Being humble
Invoking that reality

That reality approaches you through:
The teacher

You're transformed so that you embody that reality by:
Dying and being reborn
Seeing the light
Experiencing union
Experiencing freedom

You rededicate your life to serve others more or better