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WHO ARE WE?:  The One Garden interspirituality groups - celebrating the wisdom of great spiritual teachers. 

WHAT FOR?:  To enjoy the company of those who love to celebrate & explore the Oneness behind diverse spiritual traditions.  Interspirituality we feel is the most exciting, and challenging, form of interfaith celebration.

WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SESSIONS?:  We start each session with a short period of silent meditation and some form of sacred music.  Next, in response to a text from two or three of the great spiritual traditions, we experience and explore the inspirations.  Why?  To help us stay mindful throughout the week. Dialogue is the most demanding of the 4 spiritual practices we use.

DIALOGUE - AN INTER-SPIRITUAL APPROACH:  The exploration is via dialogue - the most challenging of spiritual disciplines.  Dialogue, sometimes in pairs, sometimes the whole group, requires that we try to do;

• hang up our ego with our coat

• seek to serve the other person via deep listening - we are there as much as a mid-wife as a speech-maker

• take the other as more important than your self - each is a mine of spiritual jewels - dialogue is a key way for what is in you, and in your partner or group members to become manifest. We each are a flower blooming!

• realize that each, in the dia-logos, is a conduit for spirit that reveals new spiritual knowledge - from a modest ‘aha moment’ to a life-transforming & self-reconstructing almighty ‘shazam’!

It is a real spiritual discipline.  Many many find it a bit too challenging at first. Be patient - the head is important as well as the heart.  We fly spiritually through having the two wings in harmony - duality AND nonduality, heart AND head etc.  Learning the discipline of spiritual dialogue is a wonderful challenge.  In it we learn that dialoguing with someone, or with the group, is not about making a speech or gushing out all of the ideas and feelings that are in the rag-bag of our mind.  

Instead we prayerfully seek to facilitate the flow of spirit through the other and through ourselves so that potential might become manifest in tem AND us - so that hearts might be more loving and minds more brilliant.

Thich Nhat Hanh, our Buddhist teacher, teaches that we should get away from being imprisoned in mind, concepts & words but he has written over a hundred books and recorded millions of words - so we don’t reject mind, concepts & words - we just say they should be the servant not the master!

Please sign up on this MeetUp if you are interested - thanks 

- Roger

WHO FACILITATES THE ONE GARDEN GROUPS?: Roger - he has studied, practiced & taught spiritual matters for 5 decades.

NEW One Garden Resources are - HERE  

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The main One Garden group meets at 9.45AM - 11.45AM at the Friends Meeting House, Brighton