List of upcoming topics

The Dual and the nondual

With your help I will try to intensify the ways and means to get the dual and nondual to 'dance' - via a ‘vertical sounding’ re nonduality in all texts that the group chooses from the list.  Think of dual stuff as horizontal and nondual as vertical! - an x axis and a y axis

The value of differences

Longing for the Ocean into which all rivers flow -

The Ocean of mystery is where this book begins and ends - but it is also the song in the background of every chapter.

The 7 texts

The 7 Teachers

Does suffering have more than one purpose?

Awakening to awareness

Detaching is witnessing and letting go

Serving as a spiritual gift - to yourself  - but beware because the good deeds of the ordinary wo/man are the sins of the saint

Love & her children Beauty & Knowledge

Metaphor the joy of poets & the language of the Spirit  - LITERALISM & the FIGURATIVE The language of the spirit

Healing for the injured/corrupt - The Mystical Core of Organized Religion by David Steindl-Rast  - SOURCE

The Heaven & Hell of words - Demonic chatter & The Word of God

I talk, You talk: Prayer & Meditation

Commentary on approx 26 principles in  2nd half of ADDRESS BY ‘ABDU’L-BAHÁ AT THE FMH Paris’

Breath matters and other ‘portals’-

Death and dying before you die

Finding happiness, love & peace - Bahá'u'lláh, the Bible and Rupert Spira

Sorting the wheat from the chaff - the eternal Covenant

Returning home to the Ocean

The ‘get it’ factor - can it be incremental?