Speckled sunshine & birdsong surrounded the temple - by Garry

Speckled sunshine & birdsong surrounded the temple


ROGER:  On my long list of jobs there are these two; 1) Inter-spirituality: an introduction for Baha’is is a task 2) The Baha’i Faith an introduction for inter-spiritual friends.   Which do you think is the more difficult task to introduce inter-spirituality to Baha’is or The Baha’i Faith to the inter-spiritually minded?  I don’t have a fixed answer to that question, but in truth neither should be difficult!

Our friend Garry, international mariner, community-builder and organic beef farmer, on whose farm, Burnlaw in Northumberland, Marion and I lived for  a decade and a bit, has managed to do both tasks  in sutra-like brevity.  

Garry prays & meditates every morning on his meditation seat at the back of his house - or in the temple he & friends built on the farm.  He was inspired by a passage from a book;  Nader Saiedi's Gateway to the Heart  p48 - and  this was one morning’s response - in the speckled sunshine & birdsong which surrounded the temple.  NB The Primal Will can also be understood as The Universal Mind.

Greetings Roger

What is it to be a Baha’i?

A Baha’i is a  Shaman who sees in the natural world  a text  which  discloses the  ever evolving force of the sacred  Primal Will in the unity and diversity of nature.

A Baha’i is a Jew who sees in the texts of the Old Testament  insights into the divine  unity of life and the effects of the Primal Will in the history of the tribes of Israel as they search for their promised land.

A Baha’i is a  Zoroastrian who sees in the texts of the Avesta scriptures a description of the nature and  direction of the Primal Will in terms of the interaction of the forces of righteousness and error.

A Baha’i is  Christian who sees in the text of the New Testament the Word of God and a description of  the Primal will in terms of tragedy and final triumph of humanity.

A Baha’i is a Muslim who sees in the text of the glorious Koran a description of the Primal Will and the beauty of those who submit to its imperative  and the pain of those who reject it.

A Baha’i is Hindu who sees in the texts of the Vedas a description of  the effects of the Primal Will through time and the glorious mystical heights which human insight can achieve.

A Baha’i is a Buddhist who sees in the discourse of the Buddha  a beautiful form of wisdom contained in the Primal will: the limitation of the ego and the sublimity of enlightenment and right thoughts and actions.

A Baha’i is a scientist, who sees in the object of study both distinctness and  the inner glory of divine unity.

A Baha’i is humanist who sees in the text of the great humanists the glory of best human value and endeavour.


A Baha’i is a Babi and sees in the utterance of the Bab a glorious wisdom that  liberates  humanity from ancient superstitions.

A Baha’i is one who sees in the Revelation of the Baha’u’llah a glorious consummation of the wisdom of the primal will and a call to  all humanity to mature into the recognition of their own sacred unity and the sacred unity of all created things.

To be a Baha’i is to develop the consciousness and the feel of  the direction of the  Primal Will, to see the inner unity of all religion, to feel at one with all humanity, to create beauty in ways of living, and to work to foster unity and reconciliation between all the peoples of the planet and the natural world which is our  homeland.

so that was a blast!!!

I hope you and Marion are thriving. Burnlaw is particularly bubbling with all this summer sunshine! - big love - Garry      -0-

ROGER: It was a blast for Marion and me - I hope it is for you as well.  You could do a version for each of the other ‘traditions if your heart-mind is centred on Oneness’ - it speaks of what it is to be inter-spiritual - whatever your faith.

What happens if you substitute ‘inter-spiritual person’ for Baha’i in Garry’s piece - or substitute Christian, Sufi, Buddhist etc?

Garry is the first Baha’i to show me that he unequivocally realizes the nature of inter-spiritual being along with  his profound, rock-like faith as a Baha’i.

Being an inter-spiritual person has nothing to do with being in, or not being in, a mainstream religion - though it is tougher to avoid self-deception if you just try to make it up as you go along.  You might be better off if you do function from within Baha’i, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Hindu, a Jewish, a Sufi, a Taoist or  Humanist etc community - but with the realization that is beyond all pathways there is Mystery

Remember Max Muller believed that religion could only be understood through comparison. As he famously put it, “He who knows (only) one (religion), knows none.” - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Muller

‘The OM you hear in the background ’ is the Primal Will/the Universal Mind, the nondual behind all the glorious dual diversity in this world.  

Garry nails brilliant why I feel that I’m a Baha’i, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Hindu, a Jew, a Sufi, a Taoist and a Humanist etc - because all is One.