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Below is a wealth of material on interspirituality and The One Garden: interfaith as interspiritual living project.

GARDEN Butchart_gardens.JPG  A 'One Garden; interfaith as interspiritual living' group (Mainly 'Seniors Division! LoL)


*NEW* –  you are on the front page of the dedicated 'One Page: interfaith as inter-spiritual living' site - one of 6 projects.   As a 'lifestream' the 6 projects flow together HERE -  https://sunwalked.wordpress.com/

The 6 PROJECTS: My inter-spiritual work is the overarching context for 5 other concerns; 
1) Art matters,  inc photography   
2) Natural Health matters (inc surviving IPF), 
3) Personal Development & Management,  
4) Re-humanizing Education (inc. Holistic Education)  
5) Social Justice matters.  
The 5 I hope are integrated within number 6) 'One Garden: interfaith as inter-spiritual living' site - since I am now realizing it as the wrap-round context for the other 5.      The 6 flow together HERE

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The PhD – it’s HERE is a model of Holistic Education for parents, teachers and managers. Within it is SunWALK, a model of what it is to be fully and positively human – very readable, not technical.

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INTRODUCTION to this One Garden: interfaith as interspiritual living dedicated site. Almost all is accessible from this front page. 

Our One Garden groups are about celebrating and exploring the wisdom teachings from a range of great traditions.  

The One Garden groups build local inter-spiritual communities and create a safe space for inter-spiritual fellowship.

Below are my articles, plus other resources.

How to run a ‘One Garden: interfaith as inter-spiritual living’ group -  HERE

Best general introduction to inter-spirituality - by William Keepin -  HERE

Our VISION & MISSION - it’s also a worked example on ‘love’ and ‘perennial spirituality’ -  I prefer that term to ‘perennial philosophy’.  It is a 2 page sheet for newcomers to show that love, the core of all great traditions + a structure brought to us down through the ages, namely AWAKEN:DETACH:SERVE, is the core of all.

Want something a bit deeper? - go HERE  - A range of key papers starting with William Keepin’s article which is part of a stunning book - free online.

COURSE OUTLINE:  The One Garden: 7 Traditions, 7 Teachers, 7 Texts


PRACTICE/s and PROCESS MATTERS - see list at bottom of article

BASIC STUFF - see list at bottom of article


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K2 - 2000px-K2_south_routes.svg.png Inter-spirituality = the realization that there are many paths - but just one summit.
SOURCE K2 - photo WP