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Old World Baseball* - Overview
Are you passionate about baseball?  Do you want to experience Europe in a unique way?  If so, you have come to the right place.  Old World Baseball, LLC (OWB) is dedicated to providing custom-tailored, high-quality, baseball-playing/cultural opportunities in Europe for groups and individuals (of all ages).
Each of the founders of OWB, Tom Gillespie and Stephan Rapaglia, has had tremendous coaching and playing experience in the European baseball world.  Between them, Tom and Stephan have coached and/or played in the shadows of Windsor Castle and Edinburgh Castle, in Barcelona's Olympic Stadium, and in other historic European locations such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Cologne, Hamburg, Stockholm, Prague, Madrid, Munich, Regensburg, Rouen and Zagreb.  OWB was founded by Tom and Stephan so that adventurous and enthusiastic North American ballplayers can share these types of experiences.  
*Old World Baseball is not affiliated in any way with Major League Baseball® or the World Baseball Classic®.  


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OWB's 2014 trip to Europe will include travel in England, Sweden and the Czech Republic. Due to very high demand, OWB will be taking two teams to Europe, and the trip will run from July 5 thru July 18. As was the case with OWB's three prior trips, our competition is expected to include a mix of European national and "major league: teams. There are only a few roster spots remaining, so please contact Stephan Rapaglia via email (coachpags@oldworldbaseball.com) if you are interested in registering for the 2014 OWB trip.  
Play Global!, a non-profit started by OWB's Tom Gillespie, is finalizing its first major project. Play Global! will build five batting cages and run a coaching clinic in Uganda in the spring of 2014. Learn more and help at www.play-global.org.
OWB's 2013 trip to Europe is now complete.  OWB's team of 22 ballplayers from around the U.S. finished its tour with a 6-4-1 record against a combination of European national and "major league: teams.  Travel destinations included France (Paris), Germany (Munich and Regensburg) and the Czech Republic (Prague). 

You can also keep track of OWB news via the following forms of social media:
*Facebook: www.facebook.com/oldworldbaseball.
*Gamechanger: 2013 trip boxscores are available via Gamechanger at http://gc.io/team-51a8e688de0b8838ba565dbb. Old World Baseball Summer 13 is the team name.
*Twitter: @oldworldbball.

Just prior to OWB's 2013 trip to Europe, the Philadelphia Daily News wrote a piece about Lehigh-bound P/OF Matt Kozemchak. 

Both OWB co-founders have a number of connections with the recently completed World Baseball Classic.  Among other things, The Netherlands, a WBC semi-finalist, is the same team that Stephan Rapaglia (then field manager of the Great Britain National Team) coached against in the final of the 2007 European Championships, and Tom Gillespie worked with some of Team Italy's stars at the MLB European Academy.      

Three OWB alumni were members of the Amherst College team that finished 3rd in the 2013 NCAA regional tournament in Auburn, NY: John Cook (Amherst '15/OWB '11), Jack Falvey (Amherst '15/OWB '11), and Conner Gunn (Amherst '16/OWB '12):  Cook finished 6-2 as one of Amherst's starting pitchers, and Gunn hit .328 in 34 starts as a first-year player. 

Tom Gillespie recently returned from Uganda after spending a week running coach and player clinics for the Ugandan Baseball and Softball Federation. Click the headline to see a photo.  In 2010, Tom spent time in Uganda working with many of the members of the Uganda Little League team that qualified for the LLWS.

Mister-Baseball.com has reported that the first MLB games to be played in Europe will be hosted by the Netherlands.

Regensburg's Armin-Wolf baseball stadium (an OWB 2013 venue) has received recognition in the NY Times as a "hidden gem of Europe.
OWB Co-Founder Stephan Rapaglia recently participated in MLB's World Baseball Classic Qualification tournament as the bench coach for the Great Britain Men's National Team.

OWB's 2012 trip to Europe (July 9 - 19, 2012) has now ended, and it was a great success.  The trip included 9 games in 10 days and visits to 8 cities in 3 countries. The OWB team stayed in modern hotels and historic castles, and team activities included walking tours in Amsterdam and Antwerp, as well as bike tours through Bruges and the surrounding Belgian countryside and along the Rhine River in Germany. 
OWB Co-Founder Tom Gillespie recently took a position with the Pittsburgh Pirates as a professional scout for the team in Europe.
Stephan Rapaglia is quoted multiple times in a ESPN.com feature article on the rise of European baseball:
Tom Gillespie ran coaching and player clinics in Uganda in 2010, where he worked with many of the members of the Little League team recently featured on ESPN (http://search.espn.go.com/uganda-baseball/videos/6). 
OWB's July 2011 High School Trip involved visits to 7 cities in 3 countries, with games against 4 different national teams. 

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