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Radio Station WAMU

WAMU is public radio from American University in Washington DC. Their main station is talk radio. They broadcast Bluegrass Country on alternate channels [see side bar].

Shows on WAMU:
  • "Old Time Jam" hosted by banjo player Rosemarie Nielson, Fridays noon-3pm.
  • "The Brad Kolodner Show", hosted by banjo player Brad Kolodner, Saturdays 2-4pm.
  • Nice listeners donate money here.
Videos from Old Time Jam on WAMU:
  • Fiddler Paul Brown plays unusual Cluck Old Hen [utoob] with John Schwab on guitar [his book]
  • Banjo player Ritchie Sterns (Horseflies) and fiddler Rosie Newton sing Trouble in Mind [utoob]
  • Foghorn Stringband (with Hubie King on banjo) play Old Aunt Jenny with her Nightcap On [utoob]
  • Pert Near Sandstone yell Paradise Hop [utoob]
  • Carolina Chocolate Drops play Run Mountain [utoob]
  • Walt Koken & Clare Millinmer banjo & fiddle the Hog Went Through the Fence [utoob]
  • The South Carolina Broadcasters sing S-A-V-E-D [utoob].
WAMU is home of Ray Davis, the voice of DC bluegrass. WAMU used to play bluegrass in prime time. Now they talk on the main station and play bluegrass on their alternate channels. The alternate channels are hard to get in Frederick but you can catch snippets of banjo if you position the antenna and the silverware just right. Web streaming works if you register and log in.

WAMU Bluegrass Country... 
  • 93.5 FM Hagerstown
  • 105.5 FM Washington
  • 88.5 HD channel 2
  • Web streaming.
WAMU talk radio: 88.5 FM in Washington DC