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Old Time Frederick

OTF is dedicated to old time music. OTF is based in Frederick County, Maryland USA. OTF lists upcoming events, past events, and recurring events. OTF has many pages dedicated to individual tunes and these contain videos, recordings, lyrics, and tips for musicians; the Tunes List displays these pages sorted by song name or key. Atop every page, the OTF logo is a link to the home page.

    Instrument Sellers & Makers

    Local Jams & Dances

      • Our Old Time Jam at Beans in the Belfry in Brunswick MD. This beautiful cafe serves coffee, beer, milk shakes, and sandwiches. Each 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month from 3pm to 5pm. We work through tunes on the Old Time Frederick tunes list.
      • The Old Furniture Factory jam in Round Hill VA. Last Friday of each month at 6pm. Volunteers serve food & bevs for a donation. There are 5 or 6 simultaneous jams including an old time one.
      • Tuesday jams at Five & Dime in Baltimore MD. The jam fills the whole bar. They serve great dinners and local beers on tap. See Kolodners' Baltimore old time events calendar.
      • Thursday jams at Barns of Rose Hill, Berryville VA.
      • Thursday jams at O'Hurley's General Store, Shepherdstown WV.
      • Sunday jams in MD & VA by Friends of Oldtime Banjo (FOB).
      • Contra Dance in Frederick MD, 4th Saturday of each month, 8-11pm.
      • Friday Night Dance at Glen Echo Park, MD
      • FSGW Sunday Night Contra Dance at Glen Echo Park, MD
      • The DC Square Dance Collective at dcsquaredance.org
      • Contra dances at Baltimore Folk Music Society (BFMS)
      • Contra Dance schedule for MD / WV and Mid-Atlantic bands. 
      • Maryland Ukelele Jam [on FB and SF].


        • The Phillips Collection of American Fiddle Tunes, volume 1, is one of our favorite sources. We have a page [OTF] about the book.
        • The Schwab book on old time guitar has its own web site.
        • The Oly Old Time (Olympia WA) Song Book: words, chords, dance calls.
        • Ken Kolodner's CD of sheet music, plus each tune played at 3 speeds, is very helpful.
        • The Beautiful Music All Around Us, by Stephen Wade [amazon]
        • The Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes [home] is a treasure trove of tunes transcribed from old recordings. It shows just the fiddle notes (no lyrics). The book is beautiful, expensive, and huge. There are many versions of each tune. There is a large reference section. Many of the recordings are available on Slippery Hill.
        • Dwight Diller's book of banjo tab.

        Streaming Music

          • Local radio station WAMU. Old time noon on Fridays on a side station called WAMU Bluegrass Country that unfortunately I can never pick up in Frederick whether by FM, HD, or streaming.
          • The Banjo Hangout lets users upload recordings of themselves. The site's Audio Player plays them non-stop. You may need to log in.
          • Sugar in the Gourd is streaming no more. We loved ya!
          • Art Rosenbaum, lifelong maker of field recordings, has a radio show.
          • BubbaGuitar streams very nice 1/2 hour sets of old recordings.
          • Joe Bussard's Country Classics on WREK radio or iTunes podcast.
          • The Art Stamper channel on YouTube.

          Lists of Festivals

          • OTF list of regularly scheduled events, by yours truly. 
          • Brad Kolodner's list of Baltimore old time events.
          • List of Fiddle Festivals at OldTimeBanjo.com hosted by Friends of Oldtime Banjo (FOB). FOB plays in Maryland and Virginia all around DC. See also their event listing.
          • The Folklore Society of Greater Washington, FSGW, lists dances and festivals. 
          • The Baltimore Folk Music Society, BFMS, lists dances and jams.
          • Fiddler Magazine's not-user-friendly list of lists of festivals, etc.

          Lists of Tunes

          • OTF set lists, by yours truly.
          • Old Time Jam lets you choose the tune, key, and instruments! "New timey technology for old timey needs."
          • The Centralia Parlor Pickers Society has a great list of jam tunes with recordings.
          • Victoria's Spiral Cafe is full of MP3 samples from jams and dances.
          • The Slippery Hill web site, by Larry Warren, is a repository of old tunes. It lists tunes from various books: R.P. Christeson's book, the Milliner-Koken Collection, and Jeff Todd Titon's book [see our books list on this page]. The site organizes the songs by key. For many tunes, you can click to hear one of the historic recordings.
          • The Canotes' Stringband camp in Seattle WA has instructional recordings.
          • The open band contra dance at Glen Echo Park near Washington, D.C.
          • Wendy's Old Time Tunes List has links to other sites.
          • Heltzer's Fakebook has MIDI (i.e. yucky) recordings of each tune.
          • Masterful banjo recordings at Chuck Lee Banjos
          • The Stony Brook NJ Jam Tune list with chords and some recordings [web site down as of Nov 2013].
          • New Mexico Folk Music & Dance Society's Prize Winning Albuquerque Megaband
          • Tune List by John Lamancusa, Penn State [Link] to sheet music, midi, mp3.
          • Music in the Digital Library of Appalachia has old recordings. Lots in there.
          • The FiddleJammer compact list [pdf]
          • The Diamond Cut old time tunes list with chords and mp3
          • Math professor Richard Crew generates notes to many tunes.
          • Old Weird America is a blog about the Folkways Anthology with ZIPs of MP3 files.
          • ToneWay lists singing tunes with lyrics.
          • Remembering Old Songs has lyrics and histories.
          • Field Recorder's Collective re-releases old tapes. 
          • Dr. Fiddle makes PDF transcripts and MP3 recordings of many tunes.
          • TaterJoes has fiddle transcripts of lots of old time tunes.
          • From UK: Traditional Old-Time (oldtimey) music of America. 
          • "Videos that I like... Mostly in alphabetical order." [banta]
          • Old Time Mandolin Music, a site like OTF: OTMM
          • Old Time Music jam in Fort Wayne, Indiana has a nice tune list with links to videos.
          • Old Time Fiddle Tunes from John Lamancusa at Penn State University. Sheet music and sound files.
          • Chords to folk songs in alphabetical order.

          E-mail Lists

          • Bill Babson sends invitations to his Friday Night Jam in Rockville MD. Membership required.
          • The Friends of Oldtime Banjo (FOB) sends copious mail about events in the DC area.
          • The Baltimore Folk Music Society (BFMS) sends a weekly listing of dances.

          Useful and Fun Sites

          Frederick County, Maryland

            • Weinberg Center, a beautiful old theater with a Wurlitzer Organ, hosts music, movies, more.
            • Frederick Arts Council hosts Festival of the Arts every June along Carroll Creek. This has craft booths, a beer booth, and two stages. 
            • Celebrate Frederick hosts In the Streets on 7 blocks of Market Street every September and the Baker Park Bandshell Concert Series every June, July & August. 
            • The M.E.T. is a theater group with fun plays, classes, and music. 
            • Farmers' markets with music: West Frederick (near Holiday Cinema on West West Patrick), Frederick City (300 block of Market Street), and Urbana Library. 
            • Cafes with music: Beans in the Belfry, Frederick Coffee Co, Dublin Roasters, Cafe Nola.