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Clifftop Festival in West Virginia

This is THE GREAT festival for strictly old time music. The festival takes place every year, Wednesday to Sunday, first week in August. It happens in a secluded park with an old log cabin dance hall. Since the park gets full by Wednesday, many musicians show up the weekend before. There is no such thing as a campsite reservation. Cars and tents and trailers and tarps are squeezed in everywhere. There is almost no level ground. It can be hot, soggy, and muddy. The camp has been known to run high on rain and low on tap water. There is an organized square dance every night by the best bands in the land. There are ad-hoc dances too. Some campers organize talent shows and pot luck dinners. There is a contest every day and a winners' show every night. There are organized kids' activities such as basket weaving. Kids tend to find each other and have lots of fun. Grownups too.

Recent videos.

Typical schedule:
  • Friday-Tuesday: pre-fest camping
  • Wednesday: Dance workshop, slow jam.
  • Thursday: Banjo and fiddle contests, dances, workshops.
  • Friday: Neo-traditional band contest, dances, classes.
  • Saturday: Traditional band contest, concert by past winners.
  • Sunday: Pack up and go.
  • Right: Half Past Four played by the Ratchet Mountain Rock Farmers, Clifftop 2007.
  • Sally Anne fiddled by Roger Netherton on stage, Clifftop 2012.
  • One of the big dances in Chestnut Lodge. 
  • Physco Exploding Organgutans youth band, Clifftop 2011.
  • Pasta Rama 2016 hosted each year by Tony & Marge during pre-fest.
What is nearby?
2016: Moose Whisperers (Johann, Jake, Mattias, Ben) - Durang's Hornpipe
2007: Rachel, Hillary, Stuart, Bill, Mark.  Half Past Four