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Key of A or G. Two parts but first (high) part is half as long. Fiddle can tune AEAE. There are several variants but we like to end both parts with the same tag.

  • Rayna Gellert and John Herrmann [utoob] Key of G.
  • Twin fiddles [utoob] by Jon Bekoff & Nate Paine but you can't see either one.
  • Earl Collins old recording [utoob non-video]. Key of A.
  • Bruce Molsky sings [amazon clip].
  • Can Kickers [bandcamp] Cajun, singing, washboard. Key of A.
  • John Hartford solo TV [utoob] sings Wolves Howling at the end of a medley.
  • Four old recordings under Milliner-Koken [Slippery Hill]: John Brown, Stripling Brothers, Earl Collins, Ernest Claunch.
  • Stripling Brothers [utoob non-video] old recording.
  • This song has lyrics.
  • We heard this first at Clifftop 2015. 
  • Thanks, Rolan, for further research. This tune is similar to, or the same as, Pretty Polly Ann [Ernie Stubbs]. Pretty Polly Ann is very similar to, or the same as, Polly Ann [Arthur Smith mp3 at Slippery Hill]. However, Pretty Polly Ann is not at all similar to Pretty Polly or Polly Put the Kettle On. Remember to contribute to the Fund for Unique Names for Old Time Tunes.

Wolves A Howlin from the Stripling Brothers. Key of A. Fiddler plucks the E string sometimes. Flat footing starts in the middle. This is Bruce Reid (fiddle) Charlie Beck (banjo) John Hurd (bass) Charmaine Slaven (guitar). Posted by BanjoJudy [utoob].