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Wild Horse Stony Point

This tune has 3 or 4 parts and 5 or 6 names. Key of G.

  • Saddle Horn String Band (utoob, also at right). 3 parts.
  • Solo banjo (studio). 4 parts. Music starts at 0:45.
  • Solo banjo (porch). 4 parts. 
  • Black Twig Pickers [vimeo]. 4 parts.
  • The Martin Family kids [amazon clip]
  • Tony Trishka & David Grisman [artistworks]
  • Ernie Carpenter [DLA] fiddle.
  • Emma Lee Dickerson [DLA] fiddle.
The many names for this tune
  • Stone Point or Stony Point or Stoney Point
  • Wild Horse or Wild Horses
  • Wild Horse (Stony Point) or Stony Point (Wild Horse)
  • Wild Horses at Stoney Point or Wild Horse at Stony Point
  • Old Dad
  • Pigtown Fling
  • Buck Creek Girls
  • Hop Skip Squirrel
  • Off with Your Jacket
  • Warm Stuff
  • Here are more with recording artist names attached.

Practically the only name this tune doesn't have is "Wild Geese Flying North" but that is a great tune. Virgil Anderson [DLA] plays the banjo soft & low.

Wild Horse at Stoney Point in G by Saddle Horn Stringband: Chance McCoy (fiddle), Ben Townsend (banjo) and Matt Metz (guitar).