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West Fork Gals

Key of D. Two parts. It is usually played square but a few fiddlers add a beat.

Low Part (two times)
D D A7 A7
A7 D D/A7 D 

High Part (two times)
D G A7 D
D G A7 D
(Possibly play G/Em instead of just G.)
We haven't found a favorite video. Here are some links.
  • Frank George [DLA, mp3 but website misbehaves] and [utoob, poor video]
  • Just solo fiddle [up close]
  • Wilson Douglas [DLAmp3, but web site misbehaves] 
  • John Hartford plays a fast Wilson Douglas version [myspace]
  • The Canote Brothers attribute their version to Wilson Douglas. We have it on their CD called "Dog in the Dishes". They hold the last note of each part so it becomes a crooked tune.
  • Old recordings in the Milliner-Koken collection. French Carpenter mp3. Wilson Douglas mp3.
  • Banjo Judy made a video of Miles Krassen talking about and playing the tune two ways. We learned the tune from Miles' banjo book. We met Judy at a wedding.
  • Clawhammer banjo videos [Utoob[Utoob[Utoob[Utoob] [Utoob]
  • Fuzzy Mountain String Band [listen on Amazon]
  • Lewis & Ball [listen on Amazon]
  • Campsite trio [Utoob] (skip ahead a bit)
  • Porch video [utoob]