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Tupelo Blues

This is a crooked blues tune in key of C. The high E note in the first part makes the tune interesting. The fiddler wiggles it a bit and repeats it 4 to 6 times -- the number seems to vary between and within recordings. It really helps to have a clogger tap the rhythm with taps -- listen to the Pep Steppers.

  • Floyd Ming on Slippery Hill [mp3] with the clogging feet of the Pep Steppers. 
  • We have a great version at walking speed on the "Shout Monah" CD by the Haints [clips on amazon and grooveshark].
  • How many times does Uncle Earl repeat it? [utoob] (short, poor video, good performance)
We first heard this tune at Clifftop 2012. This tune is also called Florida Blues. There is a John Lee Hooker blues recording called Tupelo Blues but it is a different tune.

Floyd Ming and his Pep Steppers. Floyd's real name was Hoyt and he knew this tune's real name was Florida Blues. He also recorded Indian War Whoop, another hollering fiddle tune. Read an interesting biography posted on allmusic and Old Weird America.