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Toad on a Toadstool

Key of D. Two parts. Play each part twice (AABB). This is a modal tune so it had a C chord.  

  • The Quotes [SoundCloud] at Shabb Row Studios. "QUOTES" stands for Quality Old Time Entertainment Systems.
  • Download the mp3 at page bottom. This is an outtake with one A part and one B part. In real life, please play two A parts and two B parts. 
  • This song was written in 2013 by Johann Miller of the Main Line Gravy Soppers Old Time String Band.
|D-D-D-D-|C-C-C-C|D-D-D-D-|A-A-D-D-|| A part 2X
|A-A-D-D-|C-C-G-G|A-A-D-D-|C-A-D-D-|| B part 2X

Toad on a Toadstool outtake.mp3
Jason Miller,
Dec 6, 2013, 1:47 PM