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Sugar in the Gourd

Key of D. There are lots of versions. 
  • The old time version [Utoob] by Paul Brown, Adam Hurt, etc.
  • Rhys Jones [SugarInTheGourd mp3 from the CD "Mississippi Square Dance"]. This is an inspired rhythmic version that originates from Nile Wilson on Bucklin, Missouri, according to the CD insert.
  • Old 78 recording of the Tweedy Brothers [Utoob] mixes other tunes
  • Old LP recording by Tommy Jackson [Utoob]
  • The fast bluegrass version [Utoob] by Steve Day
  • The Holy Modal Rounders did a nice version but the video is annoying [utoob
Sugar in the Gourd, and I can't get it out.
Only way to get it out, is to shake the Gourd about.

Listen to old time music streaming at Sugar in the Gourd dot com.
The Frog Leg Lickers play Sugar in the Gourd