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Squirrel Hunters

Key of A with unusual chord progression. We play A, G, A, E7/D on each part. 


  • Video = John Hartford. [Utoob] or [Amazon] or [myspace]
  • John Hartford's instructional video [utoob] is not too fast, he says.
  • Really nice version from Cut the Shuffle [myspace].
  • She slows down the John Hartford version. [Utoob]
  • Fast fiddle. [Utoob]
  • Fast mandolin. [Utoob]
  • Instructional fiddle recording [MP3] at [Old Time Fiddle Tunes]
  • Instructional fiddle recording, attached, by Jenny Obert.
  • Old time banjo recording at Banjo Hangout by Mark Johnson [mp3]
  • Old time / bluegrass band recording at Banjo Hangout.
  • Bluegrass band called This is The Squirrel Hunters [Utoob]
  • Scott Law and Tatiana Silver Hargreaves [utoob]

Related tune? "Squirrel Heads and Gravy"
John Hartford fiddles Squirrel Hunters.
Jason Miller,
Oct 16, 2010, 1:29 AM