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Key of G. Two parts. This is an Irish waltz (or is it an Air?). Slim pickings on links, folks. Why don't more people play this one?

  • Played on button accordion [utoob or utoob]
  • We learned it from the book of American Fiddle Tunes, like this little girl [Utoob].
  • Slow and mournful by Irish pair [toob].
Chords: I'm not sure. These from folkguitar make good use of the C chord. They may be from the Wind of the South (same melody) recorded by the Chieftains.
Part A: G--|G--|D--|D--|G--|C--|G--|G--:||
Part B: G--|C--|G--|C--|G--|G--|D--|D--|G--|C--|G--|G-C|G--|C--|G--:||

Unrelated: Johnny Cash sang about a train called the Southwind. Studio recording [Utoob], Live video [Utoob]. Also, there is a band called the South Wind.

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