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Soldier's Joy

This is a standard fiddle tune in key of D. Two parts.

  • Young Ashley Hull [utoob] plays fast and accurate solo fiddle.
  • Stacie Sites plays a fancy version that is closer to bluegrass [utoob]. You would not hear those guitar chords or fiddle leads at an old time jam.
  • Hillar Bergman plays solo fiddle while burning leaves [utoob].
  • Rhys Jones on stage at Clifftop 2013 [utoob] (first tune of two).
  • Red Henry on mandolin [toob] fast and full of notes.
Old Time Confusion
One of the standard lyrics goes, "Grasshopper sitting on a sweet potato vine (3X), along comes and chicken and says he's mine." But "Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine" is a different tune [utoob].
The Skillet Lickers play Soldier's Joy in 1929.