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Shaking Down the Acorns

This is A modal tune which means it has a G chord. The banjo can play in A modal tuning. There are A and B parts. Some folks play it square, as in two of each, but most folks play A three times.

  • Roger Netherton on fiddle: "Shaking Down the Acorns" (Clifftop 2014) [utoob]
  • The Kathy Kallick Band [utoob] on stage
  • Patrick McAvinue & Russ Carson [utoob] bedroom video
  • Adam Hurt, banjo [utoob non-video]
  • Three young guys who are very good [utoob, right].
  • The great Dwight Diller solo fiddle outside [utoob] or inside [utoob], not in A.
  • Instructional solo banjo [utoob] not in A.
  • Hot Seats, video of a studio session [utoob].
  • Handy instructional video of solo banjo [utoob].
  • The Canotes play it square [mp3 from their camp].
Not to be confused with
  • Chinquapin Hunting; that means looking for acorns [OTF].
  • Hogs Picking up Acorns; that comes after you shake them down.
  • Shuckin the Bush [utoob]; that's an unlikely way to find acorns.
  • Rattle Down the Acorns [Iron Leg Stringband on utoob]. Ok, even I'm confused.
Who are these guys? Thaey are good. Love that banjo run.