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Sandy Boys

Two parts. This is a modal tune. In key of A, you play a G chord. The fiddle may cross-tune to AEAE. If played in key of G, you play an F chord and fiddle may tune to GDGD.  

  • Old recording by Edden Hammons [utoob], a WV fiddler who supposedly said, "Pon my honor, I'll lay my fiddle down for no damn woman" shortly before his divorce [source: wikipedia]. This was in reference to whether it was time for him to get a real job.
  • Rhys Jones and Steve Rosen play and sing it slow [utoob]. Rhys recorded this on his CD, Mississippi Square Dance [amazon clip]. We met Steve when he was playing with the great Volo Bogtrotters. 
  • Alan Jabbour and Ken Perlman live [utoob]. Alan says this tune probably predates its first publication as an 1850s minstrel tune.
  • Lots of energy on this fun stage performance [utoob] by Deadwood Revival. Sound mix isn't great and they medley to another tune at 3:33.
  • Beautiful! He plays his homemade fretless gourd banjo in a lower key because his banjo won't tune higher [utoob]. I have the same problem.
  • You go through the door to find... Fiddle Hell! [utoob].
Here are some good learning links. Simple and slow on fiddle, key of A [mp3 from fiddle kids]. Mark Ralston's instructional video played slow with close-up on fiddle & banjo fingering. Patient lesson by the great banjo player Hilary Burhans [utoob], key of G. Closeup of banjo fingers by man with goatee [utoob] or woman with hat [utoob]. Sheet music [pdf at SlowJam].

Hey Hey sandy boys 
Hey get along those boys 
Hey hey sandy boys 
Waitn on the break of day 
More here and here and here.
Sandy Boys, jamming at Indian Neck Folk Fest. You mostly hear Neil Rossi on fiddle and Susan Sterngold on banjo. The fiddle is cross-tuned AEAE.