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Sal's Got Mud Between her Toes

Key of D. Three parts officially known as: A, B, C. The only G chord happens in the C part. The repeat pattern can be AABBCC though the video here uses ABCC. The A part is itself a half-part played twice. All three parts are similar so old fiddlers (ahem) need some way to remember which part comes next. Here is my trick. With the fiddle tuned GDAE, each part is played on one string mostly, in this order: D string, A string, E string. Fiddle could also be tune ADAE.

  • Kate Lissauer leads a big jam [utoob]. We took a great fiddle class with her at Common Ground. Her repeat pattern is: BBCCAA. One fiddler gets it wrong at first (playing the C part during every part) so skip to the middle of the video.
  • Doug Chayka and Mike Groves [utoob] with fiddle tuned ADAE. Doug makes nice CD covers for old time bands such as the South Carolina Broadcasters. Repeats: ABBCC.
  • Fiddle and viola play it in key of G [utoob]. Repeats ABBCC.
  • You can hear good banjo loud and clear in this back yard jam [utoob]. Repeats AABBCC.
  • Mostly banjo. Farm house jam with some of Orpheus Supertones [utoob]. Repeats ABBCC.
  • Duet on the couch [tube]. David Bragger and Susan Platz. BBCCAA.
  • Nice studio version by the Gilded Bats [utoob non-video]. BBCCA.
  • J-Walk (John Wallenbach, banjo) and friends in Tuscon AZ [utoob].
  • Track 11 on this album by Triple Chicken Foot [bandcamp] AABBCC (and end with AA).
Paine Trio: Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes. The repeat pattern is ABCC. The band joins in half way through the A part. Fiddler Nate Paine studied with Jon Beckoff and sells his own fiddles.