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Saddle up the Gray

Two parts. Key of G. The A part is mostly G chord. The B part is half G and half C. If there is a D it goes by pretty quick.

  • The best version is a slow one by Primitive Characters. The CD is out of print [amazon]. There is an mp3 clip at the bottom of this page. The Claim Jumpers [myspace] imitate it full length but the original rocks. 
  • Fast, driving version by Devil's Dream [mp3skull].
  • Stomping fiddler Craig Judleman [tube]. Medley warning! Skip to 2:00.
  • She plays it [tube] in the haunting Molsky style by tuning the fiddle's high string down one full note to GDAD tuning.
  • Two guys made a video [tube].
  • New Lost City Ramblers [sample at Smithsonian].
  • Old 78 by Carter Brothers & Son from 1928 [mp3 on Slippery Hill]
Lyrics (two A part, two B part):

A: Saddle up the Gray, Better get away, Ain't gonna be no dinner here today.
A: Pull up the rug, Put out the lights, Ain't gonna be no supper here tonight.
B: Riding on the goat, Leading on the sheep, I won't get back till the middle the of the week.
B: Yada ya, Yada yada ya...
A: Riding down to the railroad, Sitting on the track, Waiting for the freight train to come back.
A: Pass around the jug, Blow out the light, Ain't gonna be no supper here tonight.
B: Take those ladies, By the wrist, Lead them down to the grape like this.
B: Yada ya, Yada yada ya...
Gil Sewell.
Jason Miller,
Mar 17, 2014, 5:56 AM