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Rosin the Bow

This is a waltz (3/4 time) in key of G (or C). The two parts are almost the same. 

This tune is possibly the same as "Willow Garden", a delightful Irish ballad about a man who kills his girlfriend by bludgeoning, strangling, stabbing, and drowning, then mourns his lack of a wife to call his own.
  • Old Buck at Pickathon [tube] or better recording at a house concert [tube] or here in the library [tube].
  • Foghorn Stringband live [tube].

Discussion: This song goes by many names: Roisin the Bow; Rosin the Beau; Tying the Bow; Rust in the Bough; Ross is at Boe's; Roslyn, Deb, & Eau, Acres of Clams A Hayseed Like Me. We found lyrics Here or Here or Here. The song history is on Wikipedia

We like to arrive late to the C in the second part, like this:
| G G C C | G G EmEm | G G C C | G D7G G | Low part.
| G G G C | G G EmEm | G G C C | G D7G G | High part.
But some people play EmD instead of EmEm.

Some of the lyrics to Acres of Clams

I've traveled all over this country, prospecting and digging for gold.
I've tunneled hydraulic'ed and cradled, and I have been frequently sold.

For one who got wealthy by mining, I saw many hundreds get poor.
I made up my mind to try digging, for something a little more sure.

I rolled up my grub in a blanket, I left all my tools on the ground.
I started one morning to shank it, for the country they call Puget Sound.

No longer a slave of ambition, I laugh at the world and its shams.
And think of my happy condition, surrounded by acres of clams.

Old Buck: Willow Garden
Jason Miller,
Nov 14, 2010, 7:16 AM