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Red Prairie Dawn

Key of A (sometimes G). This tune is made for cross tuned fiddles: AEAE (or GDGD). The two parts are very similar, at least in old time. The second part starts an with an F#m chord, at least in old time. There is quite a bit of variation in the renditions listed below, possibly because the original recording is hard to find.

  • Water Tower Bucket Boys [utoob] in A. They say, "An old fiddle tune" but it is not that old. They also say something else that we won't repeat here. We love their Greasy Coat [OTF].
  • Foghorn Stringband live [utoob] fast in A.
  • Fiddle & mandolin duet [utoob] slow in A.
  • Slow instructional videos for fiddle in A: [slow] [slower]
  • Solo fiddle [mp3] in G. This is one of many beautiful recordings at Centralia Parlor Pickers.
  • A jam in Tuscon [utoob]. J-Walk blogged about the day those two fiddlers showed up and taught the old guys a whole bunch of tunes.
  • Slow bluegrass in G [utoob] with more chord changes. The cinematography but reveals more noses than chord changes. 
  • Chords in G [SlowerThanDirt] and tab in A [TaterJoes] but you can't trust either one.
  • The tune was written by Garry Harrison of Illinois. He was interviewed by OldTimeHerald. He also wrote Dull Chisel.
  • Garry Harrison's CD called Red Prairie Dawn is out of print and we cannot find it on-line. Have a copy?
  • Garry Harrison played with the New Mules. We have this CD from the post-Harrison era with a great Jenny tune.
  • We heard this tune first at Kolodners' Baltimore jam. Thanks to Heather who remembered the tune and assembled the links for OTF.
Jam at Centralia Campout, an annual festival in Washington State. Red Prairie Dawn in A.