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Ragtime Annie

Key of D with two parts. There is an optional third part in key of G. (When we include the third part, we end on the second part so that it feels like a D tune.) The first part uses bow rocking on the fiddle's A and D strings. The second part is asymmetrical; it is a little different the second time through. The third part is very simple and is comparable to Little Brown Jug.


Part A (same notes twice)
Part B (the second take is a little different from the first)
Part C


  • We have a 1920s recording by Texas fiddler Eck Robertson. He plays it solo and slowly and eloquently. He does include the third part. [utoob]
  • There is a very old recording of an obscure band, Solomon & Hughes. The recording captures lots of goofs but it is very enjoyable. Two fiddles, one guitar, and three parts to the tune. [utoob]
  • Ryan Thomson is always fun. Fiddle duet on stage. Two parts. [utoob]
  • Kenny Baker, one of the Bill Monroe Bluegrass boys, plays two parts only [utoob]. 
  • This commercial for a training video company [utoob] is pretty good although he plays bluegrass style and only plays two parts.
  • The 92 year old fiddler Jim Bright [utoob], 2 parts with piano.
  • Slow solo fancy fiddle, good for learning [utoob].
  • Phil Greer's third part is the Lone Ranger theme [utoob].
  • Instructional banjo by Josh Turknett [utoob], 2 parts.
Ragtime Annie. Key of D. Three parts. Driving fast.