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Rabbit in the Pea Patch

There is more than one tune with this name.

Turkey in the Pea Patch a.k.a. Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Key of D. Are all of these the same tune?
    • Earl White's album [utoob non-video]
    • Clifftop jam with Trish Spencer [utoob]
    • Missouri fiddler Bob Holt. Clips at MoFiddleDance and Field Recorders' Collective.
    • Buddy Thomas track on the Kitty Puss album [utoob non-video]
    • Lots of words sung clearly on the Pickard Family album [utoob non-video]
    • Joe Stamper recording at Digital Library of Appalachia. 
    • Charlie Walden at Clifftop jam [utoob] and workshop [utoob].
    • Mississippi version by Claunch & Haygood at Library of Congress but audio not online yet.
    • Competing on stage, the Modal Citizens [utoob], Luke Richardson fiddling.
    • Banjo by Squirrel Butter [utoob].
    • 50's Rockabilly with lots of verses [utoob non-video].
    Rabbit in the Pea Patch - Paul David Smith's version.
    • Key of G [utoob]. Modal Citizens: Luke Richardson fiddle, Susan Sterngold banjo, Mike Resnick guitar 
    Rabbit in the Pea Patch a.k.a. Run that Rabbit out of Town
    • Uncle Dave Macon [utoob]. Key of C?
    • Red Clay Ramblers.
    Rabbit in the Pea Patch a.k.a. Sail Away Ladies
    • Hogslop String Band [reverbnation] sings lots words from several tunes.
    Charlie Walden, Patt Plunkett, Ian Alexander. Medley warning! Tune ends at 1:40.