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Pig Ankle Rag

Key of D. A ragtime tune simple enough for old time circles. Two parts with similar (or same) chord structure.

  • We learned this from the CD by Highwoods String Band. "Feed Your Babies Onions so you can find them in the dark." Hear a clip on Amazon or a rip on YouTube
  • Played slow on 3-finger style banjo by Brad Sondahl, who hits lots of notes [utoob]
  • Too many notes for old time but played nicely by Classical Tangent [utoob]. This one medleys into a different Pig Ankle Rag.
  • Here is a nice trio jam on the porch [utoob] by Silversteins & Dillof
  • A complete mandolin lesson by Don Julin [utoob]
  • This kid fiddles real slow and real good [utoob]
  • Dueling ukelele. Well, it has all the notes [utoob]

Highwater String Band playing Pig Ankle Rag.