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Monkey in a Dog Cart

Also known as Monkey on a Dogcart. Nowadays we play it in key of C. Two parts played twice each.
  • Old 78 of Leake County Revelers [utoob non-video]. This is your best version right here. Recorded sharp of C.
  • Old 78 of Hoyt Ming and his Pep Steppers [utoob non-video]. Recorded flat of C.
  • Danish band Big Hungry Joe aka Bob Tailed Mule [utoob].
  • Jack Mcgee (and who dat?) [utoob] also at Clifftop [utoob] with Spencer.
  • Bogstompers (you only get to see their knees) [utoob]
  • Jim Herd (fiddle & banjo) [utoob or Slippery Hill].
  • Video from Clifftop 2016 [utoob].

  • These versions differ slightly. At the beginning of the second part, Bogstompers are playing C then G while the Bob Tailed Mule are playing C then F. 
  • Why is "dogcart" even a word? Worse, it has two possible meanings. Would a monkey prefer to ride in a dogcart (a luggage cart pulled by a dog) or in a dogcart (a horse-drawn hunting carriage with room for two shooters plus their dogs)? This is one of the great mysteries of old time music.
Monkey in a Dog Cart played by Bob Tailed Mule.