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Midnight on the Water

Waltz in key of D. 

Part A

Part B


[Source for chords]

  • Benny Thomasson on LP [utoob].
  • Bluegrass fiddle lesson [utoob].
  • Jay Ungar & Molly Mason (and who's the first speaker?) [utoob] medley into Bonaparte's Retreat.
  • Who wrote this song? Some say Benny Thomasson. Some say it was his father, Luke Thomasson. Alan Lomax recorded Benny in the field, says this Library of Congress page.
  • What is the best fiddle tuning for this song? We usually fiddle it in standard tuning but it is played by Benny Thomasson on the Slippery Hill list of tunes in DDAD tuning [mp3]. John Hartford seems to play it in DDAD also [Utoob]. Jay Ungar also plays DDAD, "dead man's tuning" [utoob].
John Hartford