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Katy Hill

Key of G. Two parts. The way most people play it, it is mostly in G, but some versions have more D chord. The song offers not much by way of melody but it does make the fiddler work hard for his supper.

  • We are partial to the version by Manco Snead [tube], featured in Phillips Collection.
  • This is great, too. Lowe Stokes & Riley Puckett [tube].
  • The Digital Library of Appalachia has many old recordings [DLA].
  • Bill Monroe says, "Let's play it fast... real fast." [tube]
  • Great bluegrass by Bobby Hicks [tube].

The first time we performed in North Carolina, an elderly gentleman approached the stage and said, "Let me hear you play Katy Hill." After I said, "I don't know Katy Hill", he said, "If you don't know Katy Hill, you don't know nothing."

Katy Hill is not to be confused with tunes, like Katy Did and Kitty Clyde, that sound completely different. However, Katy Hill often confused with another tune called Sally Johnson, possibly because it sounds the same. 
Three professional beards on the Lonesome Ace Stringband from Canada [band site].