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Katy Did

A tune named after a cricket. Two parts each played twice. The second part is shorter and starts on an Am chord.  

  • The old recording of Lowe Stokes [mp3 at Slippery Hill; utoob non-video]
  • Right:  The band Sugar Pie is Jane Rothfield on fiddle, Hilarie Burhans on banjo, Kellie Allen on guitar and Sabra Guzmán on bass. WARNING: they medley to Pike's Peak about the same time someone yells, "Pike's Peak!".
  • Very fast by the Old Time Snake Milkers [OTSM]
  • Very nice solo banjo [utoob] by Tom MacKenzie.
  • Jack McGee [utoob].
  • Written out in notes [Tater Joe's PDF].
Not to be confused with
  • The Katy Did Waltz [DLA]
  • The Love of Katy Did [Library of Congress]
  • Pike's Peak

Medley Warning!