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Jenny Run Away in the Mud in the Night

Key of A. Two parts. Repeat the first part two times and the second part four times. 

  • Fiddle and banjo [Utoob]
  • Twin fiddles in Tuscon. (That's blogger J-Walk learning the banjo part. His friend wormpicker shot the video.) [Utoob] They alternate playing on the higher strings then the lower strings.
  • Bad video of John Specker, but he plays it slow and sings. [Utoob]
  • Fiddle and guitar [Utoob] in G by Tobias Enevoldsen
  • Old time tunes about Jenny tend to be crooked. This one seems to be square with 8 beats per part. However, the tune is still partly crooked. The two repetitions of the first part are slightly different. Also the second part is longer than the first (or repeated more, depending how you think of it).
Trisha Spencer is fiddler of Prairie Acre.