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Hickory Jack

Two and a half parts in A modal.

  • Unknown contestants [utoob]. Fiddle, bass, and microphone stands. Video at right.
  • In Denmark [utoob and at right], Olle Rossel ( fiddle), Peter Lorichs (banjo) and Axel Kanne(guitar).
  • Paul and Betty [utoob] with big banjo.
  • Old record of Luther Strong [utoob non-video, player at DLA].
  • Record of Art Stamper [utoob non-video].
  • I don't usually recommend sheet music but I needed it for this tune. Try Luther Strong [pdf at fiddledo] or Art Stamper [pdf at Tater Joe's] but those two differ in melody and structure. 
If you thought you could learn any old time tune by ear, try this one. An alpha fiddler can assert dominance by pulling this out one. Not one can follow it! Check out all these crooked features.
  • The structure is AABBC. You repeat the first two parts but not the third.
  • The A is 4 measures. Play it twice.
  • The B part is 4+1/2 measures because it has a 2-beat lead-in. Play it twice.
  • The C part is a 3 measure tag similar to the A part. Play it once.
  • The key is A Modal. Each part as A major and G major chords. 
  • Fiddle in standard tuning can drone the top two strings during A chords and drone the bottom two strings during G chords. This will give audio tips to the guitar player.
Not to be confused with Hickory, the crooked old time fiddle tune in G.