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Hell Broke Loose in Georgia

Key of C. Four parts. In the old fiddlers' version below, 2 parts are played part-1-high, part-2-high, 1-low, 2-low, 1-low. The Bings do 3 high parts and 1 double-long low part.

  • Jake Crack and Bing Brothers [utoob]. Key of C.
  • Hell Broke Loose in Georgia, played here by the Gravy Soppers [utoob].
  • Clifftop festival [utoob]. Rachel Eddy has her back to the camera. This is a really nice take.
  • Foghorn String Band [utoob]. Great version, poor recording. 
  • Bogstompers [utoob].
  • Freight Hoppers play it fast [utoob] live, poor video.
  • Stone Mountain Wobblers [utoob] frailing while clogging.
  • Phillips Collection includes different versions. 

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Above: Jake Crack (fiddle) and Bing Brothers.